America the great? No child left behind?

I have been listening to a wonderful new podcast from the network. Leo Laporte does an incredible service to the technology world with all his podcasts, and inspirations he gives to people. Jumping Monkeys OR Jumping Monkeys Homepage is a podcast that is for Parents, and let me know the real truth about America, and how we treat our children, as well as parents. Here are some facts, go ahead and look them up if you do not believe me:

* America is ranked close to the worst in newborn infant mortality rates. Here is one link to get you started, please do more research, don’t take the three places I have seen so far that upholds this fact. I am sure some Republican, or Fox news junkie will tell you different (they don’t believe any facts, and are convinced that the ‘liberal media’ is behind anything that is bad about America.)

* Working mothers in America, get no paid maternity leave. Canada? ONE Year PAID leave, which includes good ole Dad! Yes, dads in some countries get paid Paternity leave. This is real sad folks. Where in the heck are our priorities? No child left behind? Look at some of this research, and you will find that THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES have paid maternity/paternity leave. What do we get? Nothing. My whole life I have been told “how good we have it” Sure, if you like to be a workaholic, you can have all you want in America. Step on other people; get all you want. Be stingy; have even more. So, why does the top ONE percent of millionaires and billionaires still control this country, and leave the rest of us the grizzle? When are WE THE PEOPLE going to take back this country, and elect someone more progressive thinking candidates about some of these issues.

Why is it, if I was working in Ethiopia, I would get more time off than this, and get paid for it?

Also, do yourself a favor, and see where we rank with child care. Google it. Head to the library – do what ever it takes. Don’t take my word for it. Educate yourselves to the real facts about how we treat our children. While your at it, look at how many kids don’t have healthcare in this country. Did they ask for that? Is that anyway to treat a kid?

Paternal Leave in the World

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