Apple Changes Its Tunes on Viruses

This is a great article explaining why Mac’s are less prone to viruses and spyware. Basically, it is because a Mac will ask you for your Administrator or root password, anytime software is installed into the system. So, if you visit a webpage, or get an email, and all of a sudden, the computer is asking for your admin password, you could probably bet that the email or website is trying to install some sort of Malware on your system.

People always say that the Mac is not as prone to viruses, because of the smaller market share. That is simply incorrect. The Mac is much safer and protected against viruses and spyware because of what I explained above. If a virus or spyware were to infect a Mac, it is more than 99.9% the users fault for providing the password, so it could be installed.

David Pogue of the NY Times does a great job explaining this in the link below. Check it out!

Apple Changes Its Tunes on Viruses:

For years, Apple avoided advertising the fact that Mac OS X hasn’t come under a single virus attack “in the wild.” But now Apple has changed its tune.

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