Apple “wrestles” with 3rd party iPhone apps

Apple “wrestles” with 3rd party iPhone apps:

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Will the iPhone open up to 3rd party apps? Steve Jobs says that Apple is wrestling with the decision, according to

Contradicting earlier statements that the iPhone would definitely be a closed platform, Steve Jobs cracked open the door a bit. Supporting this semi-statement is the upcoming Developing Websites for iPhone session at WWDC.

Apple may be thinking of web based apps as their third party “in” to the iPhone. Developer Bruce Gee of Gee Three dropped us a note saying that “In many ways, this is a very open approach to getting lots of new functionality on the iPhone. We’ll have to wait and see how these apps work over the network, but it could be interesting.”

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Dear Apple,

Please allow third party developers to write applications for the iPhone. Even if it is just allowing widgets or web apps; that is better than totally locking down the phone. I understand that poorly written applications can cause stability issues, but if the memory management is protected, than just the app should crash, not the phone. If in app is running in it’s own protected space, than what is the cause for harm? I can understand a hardware driver bringing down the iPhone with a kernel panic, but we are just asking to allow third party software.

Heck, a couple of web based apps would be better than nothing, and I don’t see a web based app bringing down the phone, especially if people use Dashcode to debug the app.

Thank you,


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