Dubai, UAE

When I volunteered for duty in the Middle East, I got orders to Sharjah, UAE, close to Dubai. You notice how I said, Volunteered, Dick Cheney, and George Bush? Anyway, as it happened, I was probably in the “easiest” country in the theater. The UAE is very liberal, when it comes to western values. We were the only country in the middle east that could drink beer. In fact, most air crews loved it when they could spend the night, so they could visit our NCO, and Officer clubs, to grab one of the four rationed beers you were allowed.

Our meals were catered by the locals, and usually were some kind of mediteranian dish, with chicken being the prominent meat. We were allowed to go off base, into the city, including Dubai. I was very impressed by the wealth the UAE had. You could just tell that people there had lots of money. The shopping malls were filled with expensive, luxury items. Women did not have to cove their skin, if they were not practicing muslims. Store owners were very friendly.

So, why is it, that the US has to make Iraq the so called country of change in the middle east, where there already is a country that is adopting western values, and liberal towards people? Why are our soldiers dying in Iraq for so called liberation? The UAE is already liberated, and doing just fine without bombs, and US influence. We could just support the UAE in their quest for peace in the middle east, and not try to interfere or take over other countries.

The Today Show, has Matt Lauer in Dubai today, showing off what a liberal country in the middle east can be like. Forcing these values on people is simply not going to work. Once people in the middle east get a taste of how things can be in the UAE, they can decide for themselves if that is what they want to do. Let them make the choice, not the US. We have no business telling other people how to run a country, especially when ours is running out of money, and sending young soldiers to an early grave.

Get a clue, Dick!

Oh, and to the people of the UAE; Thank you. Thank you for being welcoming to the US, when you were not forced to accept us. Thank you for shaping your country into one that is accepting of other people. Thank you. I hope to come back and visit again some day.

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