Final: Clarkson 4, Harvard 2

We all went to watch Clarkson play Harvard at Harvard on Saturday. Our morning started off with Abbey losing her first tooth! Abbey was very excited, and so were we. We talked about how lucky she was to not only have her birthday on Sunday, but to have the tooth fairy visit as well.

We left for Cambridge around 2:30, so we could walk around Harvard Square. I looked for Click and Clack, while Holly, Abbey and Ameila went into the Curious George store, to look at some books. Abbey got a couple of Berenstain Bears books.

After looking around the store, we walked around some more, and got something to eat at Pizzeria Uno. Back when Holly and I were in college, we used to go to the bar in the basement of Uno’s. We had many good times in that bar, usually after the hockey games. Today, there were a lot of Green Bay Packer fans, enjoying the playoff game in the snow against the Seahawks. Green Bay ended up winning the game 42-20.

After we ate, it was time to walk across the Charles River, and in to the Bright Hockey Arena. We were early, so we got to watch warmups. I took Abbey down behind the Clarkson goalie, right up against the glass, so we could get the full effect of a slapshot hitting the glass. It was very loud during warmups, and despite the fact that loud noises usually bother Abbey, she was too interested in how people play hockey. She was impressed by the way people could turn, skate backwards, and shoot the puck. A couple of shots went up into the netting behind the goal, and we were hoping to get a puck as a souvenir. While we did not get a puck, a couple of shots did go up into the net, and some of the ice off the puck, actually fell on my head! I showed Abbey the small chunk of ice, and explained how it landed on my head. She was amazed at how fast the pucks would go up in the air.

After warmups, we walked around the arena, and got some snacks. I explained that after warmups, the teams went back in the locker rooms for a few more minutes, before the game started. After the National Anthem, the Clarkson pep band went right into “O Canada”. They sang the whole song, and the game did not start until they finished. We thought that was a nice touch, and most people clapped at the end of it. It was nice to hear O Canada again, since the Canadian National Anthem was always played at Cheel Arena in Potsdam. Most of the Clarkson players are Canadian, so why not recognize their home country with their National Anthem?

Clarkson started off skating well, and generally breaking out of the neutral zone with the puck, most of the time. Clarkson is a very fast team, with often crisp passes. I would say the standout for Clarkson is number 8, Matt Beca. He played with a lot of heart, and was always all over the puck any time he had a shift. Clarkson is also full of Freshman; 9 total. They only have about 6 Seniors, and are generally a young team, that skates well together. A credit goes to the coaching staff for building a young team, that skates and acts like upperclassmen.

Clarkson scored first, and we were close enough to the goal, that I was up and cheering before the red lamp was illuminated. I also played referee a few times, and raised my right arm to signal a penalty, often a second before the Ref. did. However, a two times my arm went up, when a Clarkson player took a stick in the face, but the Ref. did not see it. I was backed up by the Clarkson pep band, chanting: “I’m blind, I’m deaf, I want to be a Ref”. Back when we went to Clarkson games in Potsdam, the Pep band would have a Referee doll, that they would tie a noose around, and tie the noose to the trombone when the Ref made or missed a call.

Clarkson eventually went on to a 4-2 win, with an empty net goal with less than a minute to play. Harvard really turned on the pressure, and the Clarkson defense played well. Leggio (the Clarkson goalie), also played very well. I watched him in warmups, and not many pucks made it past him. He was really on his game.

After the game, we headed back to the “T” station, and met a fellow Clarkson alumni, and discussed the game. Abbey was very friendly, and talked about how much fun she had. Amelia was awake, and also having a great time. Amelia was awake for the whole game, and actually seemed to really enjoy it. She was always trying to see the ice, when she was turned around. Amelia seems to enjoy all sports. She actually looks as if she is concentrating on the games.

We made it back around a 11, and I carried Abbey into bed. Holly nursed Amelia, and she also went right to bed. I then decorated the dining room, with streamers, and balloons, so that when Abbey woke up, we could surprise her on her birthday! What a morning, party favors, *and* the Tooth Fairy came! I doubt many kids get a chance to have that double play!

We are taking Abbey to a matinee today, and then Dad needs to be back to watch the Giants game by 4:30.

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