Florida: Day 1 – Sunday

There was a pretty good storm this morning. It was also windy all day, and although it was warm last night (around 83), it cooled off all day long (which was great for me). It is even cool as I write this, 63, with lots of wind. The ocean is roaring! I have never seen so much surf, here in Florida.

All of us went to go feed some sea gulls. They got very close to use! They probably would have taken the bread right out of our hands.

We went out to dinner at Shells, and each of us had a nice meal. Shells had a fish tank, with some coral reef fish. One of them, looked like “Bubbles” and there was one that looked like “Bloat”. Abbey really enjoyed the fish tank. We even saw a fish bury everything but his head in the sand!

We plan on going to the Mote Marine Aquarium on Monday.

Here are some pics we took on Sunday:





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