Horrible, horrible HP experience

So recently our HP DL-380 storage server had two hard drives fail simultaneously. This happened *during* the overnight mirror from this unit, to another unit over a fiber link. Since it is configured for RAID-5, losing 2-drives is somewhat catastrophic. The array at that point has been compromised and the integrity of the data is no longer trust worthy. What to do? Well, of course the first thing is to get some new drives into the unit, so the array can rebuild. Ok, fine. Since I wanted these drives ASAP, I decided to call HP Parts, and *PAY* for them, even though they are still under warranty.

It says on the HP parts Web site that there is same day shipping, as long as you order by 1PM CST. My order was completed, with expedited shipping charges in included by 8AM CST. So, around 3PM EST, I decided to check on the status, and make sure that the order is going out. Nope. Although everything is in stock, my order did not get packed. Ok. Time to “call”.

I tried the web site chat utility, so that I could have a black and white record of everything that transpired, so there was absolutely no way any kind of mis-communication could occur. Here’s a copy:

Chat Transcript
info: Welcome to the HP Parts Store Pre- Sales Chat Service.
info: You are connected with HP’s Parts Store Pre- Sales Chat Service. My name is ‘Diana’. How may I help you today?
you: I really need my Order # 091029-00188 to ship today so I can have it tomorrow – is this possible?
Diana: Unfortunately we do not have overnight shipping
Diana: Did you choose the expedite shipping method?
you: Yes, I chose expedited, and ordered at 8am CST. My status says it will not ship until 10/30/09.
Diana: Let me check, one moment please
you: ok
Diana: I am sorry but now there is no tracking information I can not assure you if the order will ship today or until tomorrow
you: How do I get this part tomorrow? You can’t do that for me?
Diana: No, as I told you there is no overnight shipping, and the expedite kind takes 1-2 business days
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to [email protected] at the end of your chat.
you: Please let your supervisor know that I am totally unhappy with this. We spent a *lot* of money on HP equipment, and I have never been so frustrated with a computer company before in my life. (Not your fault – please make sure someone see’s this) I’ll buy IBM next time.

So, HP, one of the largest computer companies on our planet, cannot tell me if a part is going to ship out? What? Are you kidding me? Expedited means 1-2 business days? What?

I guess their software systems are as good as their hardware: unreliable.

I used to like HP. All of these horrible hardware issues seems to have come after the Compaq acquisition. I never had good luck with Compaq either.

Each time I read this transcript, I am reminded about how aweful of a experience it has been dealing with HP.

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