John McCains Abysmal Voting record for Veterans

Don’t take my word for it. Do some searching on the Internet, specifically the’s website for voting results. Someone took the time to compile links to all of McCain’s voting results for several issues affecting Veterans of the US armed forces. I really don’t understand how John McCain can stand up and say he supports Veterans, when his actual voting record is completely opposite of what he claims.

Please visit which has a lot of links regarding John McCain’s actual voting record on Veterans issues. Many of these Veterans groups gave John McCain a “D” rating (out of a A, B, C, D, F rating scale). The “D” seems to translate in McCain voting for Veterans issues 20% of the time.

Many, many Democrats get “A” or 100% ratings on Veterans issues. Barack Obama voted with Veterans 80% of the time, and recorded a “B” rating. I would like to see that rating higher, like other Democrats.

I think what bothers me most about this, is that McCain is casting himself as a supporter of Veterans, but his voting record does not show that at all. Not even close. McCain thinks that using Tax money to fund programs is considering “spreading the wealth”. However, when it comes to Veterans, especially Disabled American Veterans (DAV), our country should never underfund Veterans programs. Veterans selflessly put their lives on the line for our freedoms, and in some case lose limbs, the ability to walk, and suffer from mental illness. We should try to spread as much wealth as possible to out Veterans.

One of the more recent Veterans groups, The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, gave McCain a “D” rating.

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