McDermott to Cheney: “Resign or Face Impeachment”

McDermott to Cheney: “Resign or Face Impeachment”:

“The vice president holds himself above the law, and it is time for the Congress to enforce the law,” Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) said in a floor speech on Thursday night, reports Chris Good for the Hill. “For the good of the nation, the vice president could leave office immediately.”

*EVERYONE* Should write their congressmen, and demand that Dick Cheney be impeached. His blatant disregard for the constitution, is appalling. Why is it that Mr. Cheney is only interested in protecting what he feels should be protected in the constitution? It is our duty as Americans to see that Mr. Cheney is punished for is disregard for both the constitution, and other laws. Why are you so slimy, Mr. Cheney? Do you think you are above the law? Are you better than the rest of us? Perhaps you are just a fascist, and cannot help yourself.

I think your days in the white house are in the “last throws – if you will”. Leave office now! History will also punish you for your terrible judgment, and overly conservative agenda.

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