Microsoft and “Big Brother”

I had always suspected this, and why not? Microsoft has always been anti-opensource. Apple uses many OpenSource technology in OS X, which is why I considered it in the first place. Although I would prefer OS X to be 100% OpenSource, at least they embrace, and realize the significance of OpenSource. Microsoft on the other hand, prefers to keep all their so called “innovative technologies” to themselves. Kinda stingy, isn’t it?

Anyway, Microsoft apparently logs all your visits to websites, as well as email being sent with Outlook or Outlook express. I have always despised Outlook, and cannot understand why anyone would use it, other than the fact that Microsoft bundled it with Windows, and brainwashed people into thinking it was the only way they could get their email, despite numerous, standards compliant email clients. Just feast your eyes on these two links, to really raise your hackle:


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