Mmmmm…. new BLACK iPod….

I have mine on order. If anything, it is a great external Harddrive. Since I have a MAC, and a PC, I may want to format it FAT32, or something that both OS’es have no problem reading when I mount the volume. As a video player, I am a little excited – at least I will be able to hook it up to the TV if needed. The music player will get a lot of use, as I already have about 9GB or so on my current 3rd generation iPod.

I hope the HD is faster, since mine is kind of pokey. It also will “freeze” for up to 20 seconds before playing some songs, which is annoying. The battery life on my current one, is very poor. I think I have charged it too many times, or it is faulty and covered by a class action law suite. The new version will give me 20 hours of audio playback, which is more than I will need, and give me plenty of room for battery drain in the future.

The video, is as Steve Jobs says “Just a bonus”. I’ll probably use it more for Music, and as a Harddrive to back up work, and Consulting documents. Maybe a video here or there, or if I miss a Lost episode. Once Apple gets more TV shows, and other video content going, they will probably see more demand. I have already downloaded one lost episode, and it was well worth the $1.99. I watched it in Fullscreen on my laptop, and the quality was fine.

Here is my order status, as of 2005-10-19, 16:48:

07:50 AM PDT



Preparing Shipment

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