My 20 Must have Mac OS X apps

My MacBook Pro of seven years, finally moved on.  I decided to go for speed, as this will mostly be used for remoting into work, development, travel, and some Audio and Aperture work.   Too bad I couldn’t wait for the haswell based chips, but I can’t be without a laptop while waiting for Apple.  Hopefully they come out within the next two weeks, so I can exchange it 🙂  I got the 13″ Retina, with 128GB SSD for $1499.

Starting fresh is always a good idea, even if it’s extremely time consuming.  Life will be real nice when *every app is web based*, since restoring my sudo “Chrome OS” setup was a snap – all my Chrome store apps just appeared after logging into my Chrome account.  Bookmarks, settings, extensions.  Everything.  Nothing to configure there.

The Mac App store is also a nice way to roll, but none of my settings came back.  I either had to restore those from backup, or just start fresh configs.  Not worrying about where my license codes are, is another nice thing about the app store.

Here’s a list of my “Must Have” OS X apps, which I can’t live without (not in any particular order):

1.  Skitch
2.  Evernote
3.  TextExpander
4.  CrashPlan
5.  Quicksilver
6.  BBEdit
7.  CoRD
8.  XCode – XCode command line tools
9.  Java
10.  SlingPlayer
11.  OpenVPN
12.  Dropbox
13.  ownCloud
14.  Hazel
15.  ExpanDrive
16.  Chrome
17.  XQuartz
18.  RealVNC
19.  Android SDK / Android Studio
20.  Amadeus Pro

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