My new favorite way to watch a live hockey game

Right on the boards. Row-A. No doubt. This was my first hockey game ever up against the boards, and I’m not sure why it took so long for me to see a game this way. It’s loud, players sticks, pucks and bodies tend to gravitate to the boards. It gives you the ultimate immersion of watching the game. About the only better seat would be on the bench. And since the boards give an inch or two, you need to be focused on the game or risk injury. I had to be extra cautious with my kids, and I have never seen Abbey so into a game before.

But the best feeling was walking the campus of Harvard and reliving my college years for a few hours. I felt 21 again, and was sad when the night ended by picking up the red line outbound train to Alewife. But seeing the diversity of other Clarkson alumni was a fantastic and proud feeling. Maybe I need to take some graduate courses 🙂

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