Nukes in North Korea

Let’s see here, NORAD is on heightened alert, and North Korea has launched some test missiles, one of which was a long range missile, which could hit the US. Iraq was supposed to have weapons of mass destruction, and a nuclear program, for which Bush said they were a threat. Imminent? I don’t think so. Just a lie. Now, we have a country that does have weapons of mass destruction, and what is our policy? Are we going to invade like the precedent we set with Iraq?

I really hope people who support Bush understand what is happening here. I feel real sorry for them, and the lies that were told to them about the reasons for invading Iraq, which has given us many dead soldiers, and even more wounded for life.

I recently donated to the disabled Veterans fund, and I hope that money makes a difference in someone’s life. It makes me sad that someone who signed up to protect our country, and our freedoms, has to suffer because someone like Bush wanted more oil. We can make cars run on used frier oil for crying out loud, and we have to still risk our lives for a resource that is finite, and spews toxins into our environment? Man, I wish Al Gore was president. Things would be so different.

I hope our precedent setting of invading countries because of their weapons capabilities, does not mean we have to invade North Korea. Or, maybe because they have no natural resources we have interest in, means we will not do anything about them. That would just underscore the reason for invading Iraq: Oil.

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