Pontoon Boat ready for cruising the lake..

We took a couple of trips on the “party barge” today. I let Abbey drive a couple of times, and she is really getting the hang of it. My goal is to give Abbey some driving experience — even if it is a boat — prior to her learning how to drive a car. I want her to have a lot of experience developing her hand eye coordination, so that when it comes time to learn how to drive a car, it will be simple. I had similar experiences when I was a kid, and it made ace-ing my drivers test simple.

Amelia really enjoyed the boat, as she was able to walk around the deck at will. A couple of times she climbed right up in my lap, and took over the wheel. Also, her “no fear” personality is starting to scare me a little. When it was time to get off, she just kept walking, and attempted to jump off, just like the “big kids” and her sister. Luckily, I was right there to catch her.

I pulled two quite large splinters out of Amelia’s foot today, and she screamed her lungs out. She is currently on a course of anti-biotics (prophalactically – to prevent Lyme disease), and I really think her foot was infected, so she would have been put on amoxicillin anyway. The whole area was red, and from going through a few foot infections in my life, it looked infected to me.

Today was a very strange day weather-wise. Sun, rain, thunder, hail, and sun. It started off in the low 70’s, then dropped to the low 60’s. The wind picked up, and knocked down a tree top in our yard, which almost came down on the porch, and would have likely took out our living room window. Right now there is a frost warning for tonight, so all the plants are going to spend the night inside. The cold night should be good to get rid of some biting bugs though, so that’s not too bad..

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