Some very handy sites to bookmark

All of the new Web 2.0 sites that are showing up, have some useful features. I am not quite sure if the following two sites would be considered Web 2.0, but they sure have come in handy, working with Web 2.0 sites. One is a site that will allow you to download to your HD any video file. Maybe you want an offline copy of a video on, or you are on a website that has a flash video, and you want a local copy. You can use the following site to do this for you, which is very useful:

The other site, is great for sending large files to someone. Say for example, you want to send a fairly large video file that you downloaded using Video Downloader, that I linked to above. Sometimes ISP’s will cap the amount of MB’s that you can send in an email. That leaves you with using FTP (which can be tricky behind firewalls on both ends), P2P software, or using iChat or other IM software. All of those options require some sort of software on both ends. The following website only requires a web browser, which means you can download the file someone sent you from any computer that has an Internet connection and a web browser. Have a look at dropload:

I will have some more sites that are worth bookmarking next week. Enjoy those two for now. I think we are on the brink of another Internet revolution with new software development options for web pages, making the web even more interactive, and like a regular desktop application. Much of the new frameworks will allow pages to bring data into the page, without a refresh, giving the page a desktop application like feel.

– Bruce

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