Some words for Microsoft

I thought this article was right on. Microsoft has never really innovated anything. They simply steal other peoples ideas, and put the Microsoft badge on them, and make people think that Microsoft came up with the idea. When was the last time Microsoft was “first” with a technology? They stole so much from Apple, and now they are far, far behind in Operating System features. Occasionally I have to use a Windows machine, and find it so painful. Apple’s OS X is so far ahead of anything that Microsoft has out there, and now Apple is getting further ahead, since Microsoft cannot seem to release their next version of Windows, which has no new features over what has been available from Apple for well over a year now.

Have a look at this article. Some of my favorite quotes:,aid,126159,00.asp#

“1. Quit kidding yourself. Do some soul-searching and publicly disown the longstanding public-relations fantasy that Microsoft has something to do with “innovation.” Your business has always been about taking others’ ideas and selling them with a Microsoft badge. Period. After CP/M came DOS; after Mac came Windows; after Palm came Pocket PC; after Netscape came IE. And those are just the most obvious examples.”

It makes me angry that Internet Explorer has the most market share. Firefox, Opera, and even Netscape are so far ahead of Microsoft in terms of features, and especially standards compliance. Microsoft really needs to start adopting standards, or they will find themselves left behind. Consumers are sick of proprietary technology. It holds back innovation, and creates a monopoly. Monopolies are not good for innovation or price for that matter.

As a consumer, tell Microsoft you will not put up with their monopolistic behavior, and purchase a Mac when it is time to upgrade your computer. You will be much happier. The Mac makes computing fun, instead of frustrating. I can run my Mac for days, and days before I need to reboot. I have gone a month on my desktop at home, with no issues at all. It is rock solid. The GUI for OS X is a pleasure to use, and is both simplistic, and powerful at the same time. Especially searching for files. It is a nightmare on Windows, and the Spotlight search on the Mac is so, so easy to use.

The Mac is gaining market share. Microsoft has had a major shakeup, and unless they change their monopolistic practices, they will find themselves losing more and more market share.

Go out and try Apple’s products. You will not be disappointed. I have not had one complaint from people who I have recommended a Mac to. Apple seems to understand people, and what they want from a computing experience, where Microsoft try’s to copy other people’s ideas, and try to turn them into something. In some cases they have succeeded, but mostly they have failed.

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