Today’s Air Force

I spent some time in the Air Force, and almost everyone I dealt with, was competent, responsible and hard working. I don’t know if they have reduced the requirements for entrance into the air force, because of the lack of people willing to volunteer, but the latest blunder really makes the Air Force look bad. How nuclear weapons parts could be shipped half way around the world, to a country who has major issues with China, and nobody question it is beyond me. Are people in the service so burned out from all the stop loss programs, or is it they just don’t care anymore. Maybe people are trying to get kicked out. I don’t know. It wasn’t long ago, than an inventory error, put some nukes on a plane that they shouldn’t have.

Personally, I think people are probably burned out. When you are in war mode, there is a lot more pressure in the service. People are asked to go above and beyond their usual abilities, and usually can. For a sane amount of time. We are now at 5+ years and counting. FIVE YEARS! That is a long time to be at a war posture, and to have a certain readiness. I bet out readiness, morale, and overall health of all branches of service are simply exhausted. These men and women need a well deserved break. We need to get out of the middle east, and use the money that we are spending there for alternative energy development. NOW!

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