Twitterpated for 2009-02-22

  • Postbox is a natural upgrade for anyone using Thunderbird on the Mac. Very nice job. Makes searching very easy #
  • Wow, looks like the Pirate Bay may win the lawsuit, based on incompetence from the prosecution. #spectrial #
  • I don’t do PERL a lot on my Mac, but do on Linux a lot. It looks like PERL is broken after the last OS X update? #
  • Someone is putting together ‘nightlies’ of Chrome for OS X #
  • Someone is putting together ‘nightlies’ of Chromium (the Google Browser) for OS X #
  • The new version of Pixelmator (1.4) is really diminishing the need for Photoshop on my machine. Very nicely done indeed. #pixelmator #
  • Why can’t we in the US just switch to 24hr time notation as the standard (i.e. “military time) – it makes programming so much easer! #
  • Ick – Abbey was up vomiting last night, and the wife has left town. Looks to be an interesting weekend 🙂 #
  • Watching “The Sword and the Stone” with Abbey. She has not moved off the couch all day. I also have the little viking to keep busy. #
  • never buying Memorex lightscribe dvd’s again. 0 out of 10 work. Nothing but Verbatim for me. Never an issue with Verbatim. #
  • Ouch – just got in another 1099-MISC income statement, and I am close to making too much $$. I’m way conservative when it comes to taxes. #
  • I hardly write anything off when it comes to taxes, but this year I’m might have too.. #

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