Twitterpated for 2009-04-05

  • Just cruising and found out that WB made “Where the Wild Things are” into a movie! I can’t wait to see that with Abbey 🙂 #
  • Set up two humane mouse traps last night, have two mice this morning! Abbey’s placement: perfect! #
  • Hard drives are so much more unreliable these days. I have dealt with TWO Dead on Arrivals this month. BACKUP!! (3 different places) 🙂 #
  • The End-of-Quarter calls just won’t stop today. Sorry, but I do not respond to “cold calls”. Never have, never will. Word of mouth: YES! #
  • I feel left out of the Conficker “fun”. My condolences to those Windows users who have it, and are now a part of a botnet. Get a Mac!! #
  • When is Norm Coleman going to pack it up, and concede the race to Al Franken? This is far past ridiculous. #
  • I bought the @MacHeist 3 Bundle. 12 Top Mac apps worth $900+ for just $39 AND I just got Delicious Library 2 FREE! #

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