Twitterpated for 2009-04-19

  • Ignorance breeds fear. Fear breeds hatred. Hatred breeds violence. #
  • My MBP is massively in need of AppleCare. Keyboard/Mouse die with the battery plugged in. #
  • SlingPlayer App **DENIED** approval, because AT&T says it will use too much bandwidth! Apple needs their own network. #
  • RT @johnfbraun: How Will the Tea Parties Solve the Nation’s Economic Problems? #teaparty #
  • Nambu has taken over twhirl as my Twitter client of choice for the Mac. also has an iPhone app. #nambu #
  • ExpanDrive and NTFS-3G need to work with the same MacFUSE release. Very frustrating. #
  • TEXAS: Go ahead and secede, but take the Bible belt too. #
  • DAMN! No provision for Texas to legally secede. #
  • RT @johnfbraun:State Department Lists Texas As A Foreign Country #
  • After a very long trial of apps, I am switching over my accounting app to Billings. I’ve spent 4 months trying SW #
  • I have a feeling I’ll be walking around outside of a phish show, holding up one finger #Phish #
  • Wow, the Bruins look great this year. #
  • Might bring the kids to the MIT flea market today. #
  • Is David Gregory an idiot? #
  • Paul Begala has the right idea; give the righties some of their own medicine. I happily pay my taxes for Veterans care. #
  • The Taxes issue the Republicans has always whined about is imploding. I now pay less taxes under President Obama, as do most people. #

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