Twitterpated for 2009-05-10

  • Let’s go, Boston! WAKE UP AND SKATE TO THE WHISTLE! #
  • Man, I love the Bruins, but that really looked like a good goal to me. #Bruins #Boston #
  • Radio Shack wants $29.99 for a USB extension cable. Does that come with broken knee caps or not? What a racket.. #
  • Levenger Circa notebooks are so useful for printing out tech manuals. Love that the cover and pages fold like a spiral. Makes work easier. #
  • Another week of continually adding to my Todo lists, and putting out fires.. Such is life in IT – just don’t ask me the status of projects. #
  • Apple Rumored To Want To Buy Twitter (via @slashdot) #
  • Beware of the Bear! (via @expandrive) — (very funny! BG) #
  • Lame Mac ’email worm’ limps into view – We need Snow Leopard, Apple! #
  • Follow @scottbourne for a chance to win cool prizes for photographers. Details here: #
  • Woah, I’m starting to get lost with “Lost”. Time travel is a bitch.. #

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