Twitterpated for 2009-05-24

  • I grew a beard for the Bruins ‘Beard-a-thon’ – think I might keep it (but I shave my neck, and sides). Just in time for summer! 🙂 #
  • Just purchased 5 licenses of but I only need 2. Why? Because it is lightweight, and not hobbled with DRM and licensing #
  • Palm Pre on June 6th – $199 (AFTER $100 mail-in rebate). BAD pricing decision. Apple has lots of room here to strike back. #
  • The best ‘404’ page I have seen on the net. #
  • RT: Unpatched OS X Java Vulnerabilities Drawing Attention:
    Programmer and former Apple engineer Landon Fuller has #
  • No Shuttle landing today due to weather – try again Sat. #
  • #Levenger Circa Storyboard Paper is great for free-handing a Web site design/layout. Being able to Shuffle the sheets around is useful. #
  • Nicely done chart of favorite drugs across the USA. (via @johnfbraun) – New England is the most balanced (but no Meth.) #

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