Twitterpated for 2009-06-21

  • Time for my "Caffeine Nap". Then fishing with Abbey.. #
  • Gmail is *painfully* slow today through the web app – need to test IMAP speed to see if that's better.. #
  • The Internet and the young people will make Iran a better place in the future. Keep safe in Iran, and don't ever give up. Ever. #
  • RT @stephenfry: Our Iranian friends can access Twitter from Port:80 in Tehran Can avoid gov filters from here. #iranelection #
  • Amazing how Twitter is being used in Iran right now! Better coverage than any news. #
  • Finally: Apple releases the JAVA update. #
  • RT @joshspear The world needs 2 see these breathtaking images – #IranElection #
  • RT @harrislacewell: Twitter is primary source of news on #iranelection Plz @twitter delay maintenance. New media proving its worth. #
  • I really, really need to see "Hangover" So much of my past could be revealed… 🙂 In London would be the ultimate. #
  • Anyone want to give me $299 for a Palm Treo 755p? I could really use a new 32GB iPhone 🙂 I really want to hit this phone with a sledge.. #
  • iPhone 3.0 SW just released. #
  • Any new news on SoundBoard? The last news I saw was from January. Waiting patiently, but need to do something soon.. #
  • A *MUST HAVE* application for people who use multiple computers, browsers, and Operating systems! #
  • *GREAT* review of the iPhone 3GS: sounds like the camera with tap to focus is excellent. Wish my Nikon D40 had that. #
  • What I wouldn't do, to head to the RAF Lakenheath BX, and crank up those monster Klipsch speakers… #
  • RT #IranElection Add this yahoo ID to your messenger for latest news (tell everyone): myvote88 (via @mousavi1388) #
  • I spoke to some of the fine folks at the firedaveletterman "rally" (not sane people safe) (via @SamSeder) #
  • The Latest Intel On Minnesota Senate (via @nprpolitics) [bgarlock: Man, I really hope Al Franken wins this] #
  • 2 cases of H1N1 at our Middle School, and High School. Abbey still went to school today (her school is "clean"). A bit scary.. #
  • Dear iPhone 3.0 OS,
    Trying 2 use your new copy & paste feature makes me want 2 throw my phone out the car window.
    (via @Alyssa_Milano) #
  • Definitely the last Audi I will buy (my second). Repair costs, have *almost* exceeded the NEW CAR cost!!! Another new issue today. 🙁 #
  • Show support for democracy in Iran add green overlay to your Twitter avatar with 1-click – (via @Alyssa_Milano) #

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