Twitterpated for 2009-07-12

  • Seeing some very slow traceroute's to some sites, like from both our DSL, and dedicated T1. Seems to be ATT equip. #
  • Apple, please fix the annoying closing of TABS, closes the whole window bug in Safari: Most people I know are affected. #
  • Have some old Visio (.vsd) files you want to open in OmniGraffle? Send them as attachments to: [email protected] – very useful! #
  • Virgin America is rockin the awards.. I have flown Virgin Atlantic, and it was the best coach seat ever. #
  • Strange – I can't drag/drop a JPEG to the Aperture dock icon, and have them import? What's up with that, Apple? #Mac #Aperture #Apple #
  • Abbey went into surgery at 17:10 #
  • she's out of surgery. everythings fine. #

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