Twitterpated for 2009-07-19

  • Just got off the phone with Abbey, and she sounds great! No fever, but still needed some pain meds around 5. She sounds so much better! #
  • Just realized my initial post never made it: Abbey had Appendicitis. It was quite large according to the Doc Glad we decided to bring her #
  • I've been up since 4, and watched "Airport 1975" – not sure if I laughed harder during that, or "Airplane!" 🙂 Such awful acting.. #
  • Abbey is home, happy, and doing well. Recovery from open surgery for a kid is so much faster than an adult. #
  • If your looking for a web hosting provider, and want top notch support, try — I'm very pleased with the support I get. #
  • My take on some great speakers for your iPod, computer or possibly as a stereo replacement! #
  • Abbey's bandage came off tonight. You can hardly see the scar! The Doc. did an excellent job. No stitches to remove – dissolvable inside. #
  • I could really use a nice weekend to unwind. Last Friday, I didn't get home until after 8p. Not on-call this weekend! #
  • RT @AmbrosiaSupport: I really try to like MobileMe, but the iDisk transfer speeds never cease to suck. bg: Get that new Data Center up! #
  • And, of course, the A/C in the computer room is not working well. 86 is too hot for the servers/switches. It just never ends, does it? #
  • It must be over 100 degrees down in the Boston T today. #

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