Twitterpated for 2009-09-20

  • When did taxes become a dirty word? (via @pcunix) #
  • GO OSI !!! #
  • GO Osi! #nyg Osi.. Osi.. Osi.. #
  • Giants Stadium is rockin… Wish I was there to see Osi score the TD! #nyg #
  • Just found out I am going to the Giants game on Oct. 11th!! WooHoo!! #
  • Buffalo played very well. Why run out a kick when you could have taken a knee? Not so sure about the Pats. Poor D, but they did win. #
  • Photo of a racist "teabagger". Makes me sick. Absolutely sickening. #
  • Missing @GPappalardo Tweets today (Soap Box Liberal) – I need to laugh! Disclaimer: Adult oriented tweets #
  • Where do YOU put your local scripts? (via @pcunix) bg: an oldie, but a goodie 🙂 #
  • Why won't companies track Windows downtime? (via @pcunix) #
  • Interesting Slashdot story. So, how can we be sure our Chinese made computers aren't already "bugged" in some way? #
  • Limbaugh: "We need segregated buses" (If you love Limbaugh unfollow me ASAP) (via @Alyssa_Milano) #
  • if we have no missile sites on the borders of the USSR how will we stop this non-existent country from attacking us? (via @SamSeder) #

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