Twitterpated for 2009-10-04

  • Finally, Detroit has something to celebrate for a change! #
  • Great acrobatic catch by @Humble83 (Sinorice Moss) Living in NE country, I couldn't watch the game, but caught some highlights on in reply to Humble83 #
  • "No! Not allowed to eat the stove, Ginny.." A Guinea Pig will try to eat *anything* 🙂 #
  • First year I have ever had my bday off – trying to decide what to do tomorrow: Coffee shop with a book, or Boston to get a dose of chaos. #
  • Hell, maybe I'll drag Amelia into Boston, and give Holly some piece and quiet. We can both get the chaos out of our systems 🙂 #
  • Holly says she turned the heat on for my bday. Tomorrow, back to 58 on the thermostat! #
  • Poll: Who's going to give their kids the flu shot this year? H1N1, "Regular", or both? #
  • Amelia gave me a fat, bloody lip. Man, that kids is tough! She leads with her head like a bull or fullback, and if your in the way… BAM! #
  • They should let Bill Clinton guest-host the Late Show for a week and crack Letterman jokes. (via @gruber) #
  • Verizon is cooked right now. What happened to routing around problems? I thought the net was more resilient to this stuff. #
  • Apple should seriously consider turning Spotlight OFF for network volume connections. Had one machine in the mud trying to index 10TB. #

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