Twitterpated for 2009-10-25

  • Several awful calls by the refs. for interference in the Giants / Saints game. #
  • Ouch. Giants' secondary is absolutely awful. Confusion, bad coverage, and I'm not so sure Zone, with no pressure on the QB works well. #
  • Thank you @DaveHamilton for the little BBEdit tip for reassigning CMD-Q to sleep, instead of quit. #
  • Although I have been saying this for years now, DON'T use Windows for Banking: (Mac's and Linux are fine) #
  • Since I like having my data in 3 places and live inside of Yojimbo — a script for getting yojimbo data into Evernote #
  • RT @scancafe: … chuck just sent us this story about an astronaut's old family photo that's still on the moon! #
  • RT @cultofmac 'Apple Greets Windows 7 With Reminders of ‘Broken Promises’'. Yep, that's a new ad. SO TRUE #
  • Wow, Microsoft didn't even include an email client with Windows 7. Guess I'll make some $$ installing that for people #
  • Yes (thanks again @bgarlock) Microsoft really is this dumb: I'm DYING!!! 🙂 (via @pcunix) #
  • Apple Shuts Down Open Source ZFS Project:
    …. project page indica.. (via @MacRumorsRSS) #

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