Twitterpated for 2009-11-08

  • first Halloween without Dick Cheney in office – not as scary… #
  • The Giants' secondary is non-existent. Eli is not seeing the SS. Receivers need to curl back towards Eli. What a whipping.. Ouch. #NYG #
  • Linux jobs outpacing Windows; (via @pcunix) #
  • Not happy with the App store:RT @jsnell Our book about the iPhone has been rejected from the App Store BECAUSE IT CONTAINS THE WORD iPHONE #
  • #MySQL devs: InnoDB or MYISAM for *lots* of INSERT's and DELETE's?? #
  • Cracking passwords using the Cloud: Bottom line: Use incredibly long passwords with random gibberish (^GbYd!`~hKlsb*) #
  • How much $$ for your password – I love these graphs. Sheds light on the fact that a 8 char limit to my bank is a joke. #
  • Fired up an old Apple Extended Keyboard II today. Nice! Would prefer an old IBM Model M "click" keyboard, but this is almost as good. #
  • If you are into Music, and have a Mac, I *highly* recommend picking up "Djay" – currently 50% off – #
  • The wife says we can set the heat at 64. I think thats excessive. I like 62! Maybe I'm Canadian, but I like it cool.. #
  • Motorolla Droid, or HTC Eris? I prefer an iPhone, but it doesn't look like Verizon will get it, and I can't stand AT&T. #
  • I'm starting to lean towards the HTC Eris – once it gets Android 2.0, it will be very similar to an iPhone. Also, much, much cheaper.. #
  • Argh! I'm at work, want to get some things done, and my ISP is having routing issues. No google or yahoo.. #
  • Doing my first Windows 7 upgrade for a client this weekend. <<crossing fingers>> Would prefer he used a Mac, but.. #

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