Twitterpated for 2009-11-29

  • Day one with Apple's new "Magic Mouse" 4.5/5 – could track a little faster across the 24" screen, but I like it a lot. #
  • Argh! The Giants/Bronco's game is on NFL Network, not FOX, CBS, NBC or ESPN. Why does NFLNet only have a deal with DirecTV? #
  • I90+I84 equals Hell on Earth. so glad for rte-20 #
  • G-Men need to stop dropping LB's and linemen into coverage – even against the TE's. Ridiculous defense. #NYG #
  • Exactly: RT @michaelstrahan … The Giants need to be more agressive and creative!! Too passive and need player leadership! #
  • Hands down the funniest guy on twitter: @GPappalardo #followfriday #

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