Twitterpated for 2009-12-13

  • Don't forget to VOTE today if you live in MA, and are registered! I'm voting for @StevePagliuca #
  • At least the acronym stays the same! RT @pcunix Microsoft's new Black Screen of Death: #
  • Time to leave work, and go VOTE #MaSen for @StevePagliuca — Polls open util 8p. #
  • I have seen so many HD failures lately. Any HD that uses perp. recording (all drives sold in the last 2 yrs or so) are highly unreliable. #
  • After using Apple's new magic mouse, and this utility: I can say I really love it. Giving it a 4.9/5 now. #
  • If you use more than one monitor, this utility is very, very useful: #
  • My hangnail is acting up again, looks like i'll have to get some medical marijuana for the chronic.. recurring pain. (via @GPappalardo) #
  • Supposed Apple Tablet Video Surfaces

    Could it really be? (via @smokingapples) #

  • Got the droid eris and love it. Very much like an iPhone. Very clear calls. Time to d/l the SDK. #

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