Twitterpated for 2010-01-17

  • Got Digital Cable. Now Sergio can't make fun of us anymore 🙂 To be honest, I like analog better – much faster, and no artifacts. 🙂 #
  • 3D TV? No thanks. I get enough headaches already. I don't see it taking off, but then again, I prefer the command line and analog 🙂 #
  • Any tips for the *original* SlingBox, and digital TV? I have a digital transport adapter , but how do you change channels with SlingPlayer? #
  • Got the SlingBox working with it now. Had to point the IR's at each other from the DTA to the SlingBox. Then it programmed properly #
  • Seesmic is a *great* Twitter client for Android. Tried Twidroid, but I like the I/F to Seesmic. Waiting patiently for the Eris to get 2.0 #
  • RT @AirAmericaMedia: Ed Schultz Needs To Get In The North Dakota Race – #
  • Looking for a Linux equivalent to to do "live" snapshots of running linux server(s). #linux #backup #snapshots #image #
  • RT @gruber This game could go all Dallas and Collinsworth would still drive me to drink myself silly. #
  • Which is why Palm will die. RT @smokingapples Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein says he's never even used an iPhone #
  • #
  • hacking on an old eMAC #
  • Rackers choked! Just ask Tynes about missing FG's against Green Bay in the playoffs. Ended up getting a couple more chances and won it. #
  • Just switched my default browser from Safari to Google Chrome. I hope Google enables the bookmark manager soon. Chrome is fast! #
  • Will Sling Media ever come out with an Android version of Sling Player, or will I have to get one of these? #
  • RT @Alyssa_Milano: The saddest part about McGwire admitting that he used steroids is… no one is surprised. #
  • FedEx truck hijacked by buffoons who couldn't even drive a stick shift! #
  • Abbey's seventh birthday is tomorrow. She gets to wake up to balloons and streamers 🙂 #
  • RT @DarkReading: Daily log review sucks, here's how to make it easier: #
  • I think the whole Jay and Conan war is bait for more viewers. A little chum to attract more viewers. #
  • Apple should buy BusyCal and fix that awful mess named iCal. #
  • just got a phone call from President Obama. Looks like we may finally get some $$ back from the bail outs. Bonuses are back at the banks. #

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