Twitterpated for 2010-01-31

  • Gotta love Amelia – she got upset in between periods during a hockey game. She's a future puckhead. #nhl #
  • had to drive into work real quick and the roads are a skating rink. #
  • *very interesting* 3D "desktop" for Mac and Windows. Sun tried something like this years ago with "Looking Glass" #
  • Thinking Apple may top their 1984 Superbowl commercial this year. #
  • Facebook Nirvana (for me) – Google Chrome Extension for FB: very simple. I'm liking Chrome more and more each day.. #
  • My Apple prediction for tomorrow: Tablet runs on Verizon cell network (4G) – and yea, you'll want one. Revolutionary? It better be. #
  • Apple's iPad is exactly what I envisioned for my wife: utter beautiful simplicity (with no tech support required from me 🙂 #
  • I wonder if Apple will get a call from Audi regarding the 'A4' chip name. Or, maybe a partnership for Audi's new car interface? #
  • Anatomy of a targeted, persistent attack a la Google/Adobe: (via @DarkReading) #
  • The iPad will be a great choice for schools – much less cost than a full blown laptop, and can be made a controlled experience for the kids. #
  • macHEADS is on CNBC right now.. #
  • Google needs to allow adding contacts via search results for businesses. #
  • – Amelia at Park Street #
  • – Abbey and Amelia's face painting. #

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