Twitterpated for 2010-06-20

  • Since our world is not ready for handling an oil mishap, are we really ready for a Nuclear one? We still have a lot to learn… #
  • RT @GregFitzShow: I asked my redheaded daughter why she gets in so much trouble at school (1st grade). She said, "because of the rules". #
  • Nice pic of one the worlds most versatile airplanes… #
  • Just picked up a bio on J. Robert Opemheimer at B&N. I can't imagine his emotion during Trinity. Hope this book will make that more clear #
  • Win a new iPhone 4 from @ubermind, visit to enter – it takes 10 seconds! #MasqueMyiPad #
  • The sun is finally back! #
  • 10.6.4 just dropped in Software Update 🙂 #
  • Mac OS X 10.6.4 just dropped in Software Update 🙂 #
  • Ancient Aliens on The History channel rocks. My guess as to how the Egyptians built the pyramids is anti-gravity. How else? #
  • Our families first fad: "Silly Bands". Pictures coming. Going to have to see if she can give me a couple 🙂 NPR did a bit on them.. #
  • The Latest Kids' Craze: Rubber Bands The Latest Kids' Craze: Rubber Bands: #
  • Abbey has so many end of school year parties that you would think she's graduating from high school! #
  • Great story.. RT @marketingveep: Why I Returned My iPad (Peter Bregman) #innovation #
  • I'm in "book love". It's been a while since I've been in book love. This won a Pulitzer, and there's no mistake in that… #
  • RT @michaelstrahan: Now its finally time for FOOTBALL!! September can't get here fast enough……. #
  • NYTimes: Seventy Years Later, Churchill’s ‘Finest Hour’ Yields Insights From The New York Times: #
  • Abbey just decided to stop eating animals. Saw that coming, but not at seven years old! Time to consult the family dietician.. #

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