Twitterpated for 2010-08-08

  • Jonesing for some Football right about now… #nyg #
  • lot's of strange Network issues here in N. Central, MA. Our Internet T1 went down, so did a PTP, and DSL network.. Never seen that B4… #
  • Is it possible to run VMware SERVER ver 1.x and 2.x on the same HW? #
  • It will be back one day.. RT @ginatrapani: Google Wave will no longer be developed as a standalone product 🙁 #
  • Yogurt Maker TCBY Extends Congratulations to Google on FroYo #
  • Google Wave is simply ahead of it's time. Most people just don't grok it. Yet. An invaluable project collaboration tool.. #
  • Best thing about being a parent in 2010: threatening to email Santa Claus when the kids aren't listening 🙂 #

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