Useful Motorola Phone apps and some advice to Motorola

The best part about this app is that it’s automatic. As soon as you remove it from the car dock, it records your location. Other than a few minor bugs and some small performance issues, this is a great app.

Motorola has some really neat apps loaded on the Droid 4, and Razr phones. I just wish they would let their other phones in on them. The Smart Actions app seems to only be available on their most recent phones, leaving other users behind. Also, the MotoCast syncing app (which is another very useful app) also seems to be only available on their most current phones.

I’m glad I traded in my Droid 3 for the Droid 4, but concerned that I’ll be left behind any of Motorola’s newest apps when their next set of phones are released. Hopefully they slow down some of their releases a bit. It seemed like your phone was only current for 4 months, and then retired. Not to mention, being left behind with ICS.

I hope the Google acquisition of Motorola produces another Vanilla Google experience phone, that gets frequent OS updates. Or, allow the user to toggle which release track they want to be on, and realize that the developer releases would be limited support from Moto/Verizon.;area=features/Consumers/US-EN/Consumer-Product-and-Ser…

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