Viruses and Spyware Cost Users $7.8 Billion

Wow! Talk about “Total Cost of Ownership” – That is a hefty chunk of dough. And the same number for the Mac? $0.00 – There are no viruses or spyware for the Mac. Even if there was, it would be the users fault, since before the spyware or virus could be installed, the Mac would ask you for your admin password. You could also possibly get it, if you had no firewall, and were running a buggy version of some software that runs as a server in the background, and listens for incoming connections on a port below 1024.

Viruses and Spyware Cost Users $7.8 Billion:

“Consumers paid as much $7.8 billion over two years to repair or replace computers that got infected with viruses and spyware, a Consumer Reports survey found.”

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