Visiting the Apple Store – Part II

This trip to the Apple Store, I used concierge to schedule a time to arrive – 3:45. I will report how things went, after my visit.

So, I was served at almost exactly the time I setup, which was wonderful. Well worth the $99. I have a small latch issue with my Powerbook, and was told that it would have to be sent out. I simply cannot part with it, though. Since I have Apple Care, I have three years before it expires, to get a warranty repair, so I will live with the small issue for now. It has actually been much better, since the tech at the genius bar poked at it.

The Apple store continues to be my favorite store. Nobody “bugs” you, unless you look lost, or need help. If you just want to bang away on a new Apple computer, go ahead. Play with all the toys they have out on display, and unless you call someone over, they leave you alone to test, and learn. I noticed some kids there, that look like “regulars” who stop after school, and mess around with photo-booth, and other video things.

The employee’s are actually knowledgeable at an Apple store. Nothing like a Radio Shack, or some other electronic stores I have visited. About the only thing I wish the Apple store had is even more products. More software/hardware, and even more non-Apple items would be great. Definitely more Mac compatible software is in order. The Burlington, MA store is my third Apple store, and for some reason, they seem to have the lowest software selection.

Well, every experience to an Apple store so far has been very positive, and for some reason, I am already looking forward to my next visit! I think my next visit, I will sign up for a workshop, to see how those are. I have a neat widget that displays all the workshops available for a particular store, which is handy.

I give the Apple store 4.5/5 stars. If they expand their product offering, they will deserve the 5/5, but until they stock those shelves full of Mac software, I will have to purchase online.

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