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Have a look below at the two articles that recently appeared on – Anyone who knows me well, knows that I thought the 2004 election was stolen due to the electronic voting machines. Several people have shown how vulnerable they are.

Why don’t we *REQUIRE* the software for these machines be OpenSource, so the software can properly be audited by any competent computer programmer. What is there to hide? Why do we allow software code peer review when we help other countries out with their elections?

Don’t you want to know what is trying to be hidden?

I can see the code comments now:

/* function to steal the election — Go GOP! */

With some kind of counter that has an algorithm that only counts the Dems votes, every 2 votes, or splits it up some other way.

Wake up America – this is the most important part of our democracy, and there is very, very little oversight on this. Let’s not let this happen again.

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