What’s IBM’s Watson made of? (hint: no MS windows parts here :-)

I though these were neat specs – something to make you chuckle over the speed of this thing, and the amount of memory:

  • 10 racks with 90 servers: IBM Power 750 with 32 cores each, (2,880 processors at 3.55 GHz each, which is about 80 teraflops.  (Oh my!)
  • Operating System Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Sever 11 (SLES).  (Yea, no Windows, sorry Ballmer)
  • 4 Terabytes of disk space.
  • 16 Terabytes of RAM.  (YEEHAW!!)


4 times the amount of RAM as disk space, to keep that entrie db in memory at all times 🙂


Got the specs from this interesting article on Watson:   http://www.upvery.com/45140-watson-the-supercomputer-will-compete-in-jeopardy.html

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