Another Win for the Rich people of America!!

This is really sad. This amendment was mostly supported by Republicans (because they tend to represent the elite 1% of the population), because, you know; they need more money. Yes, I am being sarcastic. I tend to get this way when the average hard working American gets shafted once again. Basically, the big sites out there, will pay more for bandwidth, and their services that they provide will be (at least seem) to be faster connections to their servers. So, let’s say you are a large company that provides music downloads for a small fee, like some “mom and pop” shop. Your Internet service is through Comcast, and Comcast has decided to start offering a fee for music downloads, just like your favorite mom and pop music store. Well, this amendment would have prevented Comcast from having a faster download service than the mom and pop shop. So, you would try a download from the mom and pop shop, and because they did not pay a premium for their internet connection, where Comcast did (since they have a lot of money, compared to the mom and pop shop) the download seems extremely slow.

This is just not fair, and will create more monopolies. When the Republicans supposedly champion “Freedom” and the “American Way”, how can they defeat amendments like this, that would prevent the mom and pop small business from having a chance against the big businesses out there?

Our society is getting more and more split among classes, with the rich getting richer, and the upper middle class, and middle class losing more and more of their money to the rich. The poor are getting real poor, and barely can make a living these days, since the government has not changed the figure for what constitutes the poverty level in many, many years. I need to look the exact figure up, but there is no way that inflation has been figured into the poverty level calculation.

I can only hope that we kick these thugs out of office this fall, and get some people in there who have actually had to work their way up in their career’s and have not had everything handed to them through family fortunes, and old family money.

Here is a link to some articles regarding the Net Neutrality amendment:

PDF of amendment

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