Gates stepping down from MS

Well, I have been saying for a while that MS is in trouble. I have told everyone I knew that if they had stock in MS, to start to transfer it to Apple. I really would like to see Ballmer go, since he is like the “little devil” in Bill’s ear, pushing him to do things, and generally acting like a bully. I really dislike Ballmer. Gates is doing something good for the world though, and I commend him on that, and wish him the best of luck with his wife. He must have a wonderful wife, and is very lucky man in that respect.

MS has simply gotten too large. Technology changes rapidly, and you need to be able to turn that ship faster, when it is heading into icy water. MS should break up it’s company into smaller units, so they can maneuver the fast changing technology sea. But, I am sure someone who makes a hell of a lot more money than me, has another opinion about this, since they have not really done anything like that.

They also need to innovate!! Don’t keep stealing from Apple, or you will always be behind! When is the last time MS has really done anything innovative? The only thing I can think of is ODBC. That really changed things for database connectivity, and I highly applaud ODBC. I certainly could not live without ODBC.

Most likely, Microsoft will go they way of IBM, and any other giant; still important, but not as influential, and popular as they were in the past.

I honestly wish Bill the best of luck. Many people who know me, know that I have a strong, dislike of MS, because of how they changed their business model from open, to closed and proprietary, once they got ahead. It just does not work! Technology needs to be open, and accessible to survive, and I don’t know how many MBA’s, PhD’s, or other consultants they need to understand this fact. The internet flourished because the protocols where open, and documented. Microsoft needs a true OpenSource strategy NOW. No more FUD, or marketing tricks to try and persuade people otherwise. So, Bill best of luck with your wife and the third world. I have always said if I had all that money, I would do something similar, since children of no land should have to suffer the mistakes their parents have made in the past. Godspeed to you, Bill. And to Ballmer: Step down! Your company has done very little since you have become CEO, for the fact that you have done nothing to embrace the changes of the Internet, and the OpenSource movement. Stop being so damn greedy. Your company has enough cash flow, to be their own country, and you want more?

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