Clarkson v. Harvard 14Nov08 — Abbey and Dad

Although Clarkson lost 5-1, we both had an incredible time. After the first period, we went outside to walk around, and in back of the arena, was a rather large snowbank! We couldn’t believe our eyes! It certainly has not snowed yet this year, even where we live at around 1200′ ASL. At first, I thought maybe someone was researching snowmaking at Harvard or something, but then I said: “It has to be from the Zamboni!” Where else would it have come from? The snowbank was taller than me, and there were several other smaller snowbanks. Here are some pictures of them:





We also had a fun time riding the “T”. Abbey loves riding the train, and I must admin that I enjoy any form of public transportation. Mostly for the fact that I can relax, read or listen to music. Sometimes I can even watch a TV show or something that I have synced to my iPod. I really wish I could take a train to work __ I would have so much free time to get things done, or just relax and read. Here’s some pictures of the Harvard T stop:






After we got off the T, and headed towards home, we decided to stop at Denny’s, and had a “breakfast dinner”, where Abbey had an “Alien” shaped pancake!


(Yea, the picture on the menu looked much better) There was bacon in there for the antenna’s :_)

Denny’s at around 11:30p, brings in some spooky people. It kind of looked like halloween, but it certainly was not.

Abbey thinks Clarkson lost, because they looked tired. I agree. They also had a lot of turnovers.

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