Florida: Day 3 – Tuesday

We were supposed to go to Sea World today, but nobody got a lot of sleep last night, and Holly was extra tired, because she had a sore throat that she could not contain. It was a very tiring day, especially when you don’t get much sleep. We still had a great day, despite not going to Sea World. We plan on going to Sea World on Thursday. Tomorrow, Wednesday, we plan on getting together with grandpa Garlock. We are not sure if he is coming over here, or we are going over to visit him. I think we might go over to see him, so we can see Barb and Stew.

Abbey had another day filled with chasing seagulls, and building sand castles. We also did some shell collecting. After Abbey’s nap, we got ready to go to St. Armands circle, where we had dinner at a little pizzeria, since many of the places to eat, had appetizers starting at $17 or so. I am sure the food is great, but with Abbey, it would have been a waste of money, since she would not enjoy food like that. After dinner, we got some homemade ice cream, which was fantastic. Abbey got chocolate (her favorite) and wore a lot of it on her face and hair! She received a lot of comments from people about her chocolate face! She got so much chocolate in her hair, that I teased her that I was going to take a bite of her hair ☺

Although everyone was very tired, we all had a nice day. The weather was much warmer, and more humid today, but not too bad. I am very happy that the nights cool down to the low 60’s. It really helps. When we got to Florida, it was around 11:00p, and it was still 83 and very humid. I was hoping that it would not be like that every night, and it looks like from the forecast, that it will cool down each night. I have been to Florida, when it “cools down” to 85 at night, and it is not good sleeping weather. You need to put the A/C on, and have it blow in your face for any kind of relief – now we can just open a window to get a nice breeze.

We have been very lucky that the weather has been great so far. I get a kick at looking at the locals, wearing long pants, with sweatshirts, when we are wearing shorts and t-shirts. I guess this is cold to them. It is perfect for us. 78, low humidity, and sunny is the perfect combination in my opinion. I don’t know how they do it in the summer down here.

Here are some pictures of Abbey enjoying herself at St. Armands circle: (pardon the quality, these were taken using my phone)




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