Florida: Day 5 – Thursday: Sea World!

This is the day we went to Sea World, and had a great time.  It was a long day for everyone, and Abbey fell asleep, shortly after getting in the car for the 2 hour ride home.  Abbey got to feed Sting Rays, and touch them!  We also got to see a rare Alligator feeding; they only get fed three times per week, and we got to see them eat!  I have some nice video of them eating as well.

Of course, we saw the Shamu show, and it was amazing.  Training the top predator, and head of the food chain in the ocean, must be interesting.  Abbey met a little boy from France (Paris!) at the show, and his father was encouraging him to speak english to her.  It was cute.  Holly said the boy was very cute, with dark wavy hair, and deep blue eyes – I tend not to notice these things, but he was a good looking kid.  His father looked like Andre Agassi (sp?)

The shark tank at Sea World was something else – it was a 270 degree aquarium!  We could see sharks swimming over our heads!  The glass was 11″ thick.

Well, here are some pics from Sea World:






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