Florida: Day 4 – Wednesday

Holly took Abbey for a walk from our private beach, to the public beach (Manatee Beach), to check out the playground. She called me up, and I drove over to meet her and Abbey there, since she did not think they could make it back by walking.

Abbey and I found a gecko, and I caught it! This is the first time I have ever caught a gecko, because they are so fast. I was surprised that I caught it. The gecko got lose on me, and was on my back, scooting around, and eventually I caught him again, and let Abbey hold him. We got some good pictures of the gecko with Abbey holding him.

Today, Holly made a bad move – she decided not to put on sun block, and she is paying for it. She is quite red. She thought because that it was overcast out, that she would be OK, but the sun came out, and unleashed its’ rays on her.

After Abbey’s nap, we went to see Grandpa Garlock, and went swimming in the pool by his house. I was in the water with Abbey for a while, and we had a great time. Abbey was very brave in the water, and did a good job trying to swim. She did great kicking her feet, and blowing bubbles. We swam until we looked like prunes, and then got ready to go out to dinner.

We ate all you can eat pizza, and salad bar, and Abbey ate very well. Stew and Barbara joined us, and had a great time with Abbey. Abbey had great manners at dinner, and we were all very proud of her. She ate her dinner, then enjoyed an ice cream treat.

After dinner, we went back to the room to get ready for the sunset. Abbey and I went into the ocean, and got our feet wet, and did some running around in the sand. Abbey has done a lot of running around this vacation, and she is usually wiped out by the end of the day. We also found an old piece of coral, that had some kind of worm in it. It also had lots of barnacles.

I enjoyed catching the gecko with Abbey, and then hunting for them when we went to see grandpa’s house. She was really into finding another gecko, and capturing it. We also had a great time in the pool.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we are going to Sea World. Hopefully the weather will be good when we go to Orlando. I think Abbey will have a really good time at Sea World.

Here are some pix from today, when we caught the gecko:






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