Found a turtle today!

I saw a turtle while driving home in the rain with Abbey after we picked up Holly’s car from Independent Auto. It was about a 1/3 of the way across the road, so I stopped the car, and went to pick him up! He/She was kind of scared. He/She also had a cracked shell on the left hand side, by his left claw. It looks like it had been there a while. I’m not sure what could crack such a thick shell, and nothing else.

Right now we have him in Holly’s old fish tank, with some water, and a big rock. Abbey put some leaves in his temporary house, to make him feel at home. We plan to release him tomorrow, where we found him, so he can go back to his native habitat. Holly said it is illegal to take turtles from the wild, and sell them! I guess they are on some protected species list, due to environmental factors.

Pictures should follow shortly!

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