Stop buying goods from China!

Looks like toothpaste made in china, can be used to cool your engine block. This is not funny. Chances are, that some poor family has purchased one of these brands of toothpaste, and are going to get very sick, or die from using it. We, as a country, need to stop shopping at Wal-Mart, and other mass Chinese based distributors. I’m worried about China. China does not give a damn about their people, or the environment.

*EVERY* imported food item, destined for ingestion by US Citizens, should have a very strict auditing policy. The dog food incident never should have happened. How do we know what else is out there, that could be poisonous?

It should also be mandatory that *every* item sold in America, should be stamped with the country of manufacture of the product. If the product is manufactured in many countries, then each one should be listed on the tag. We need to know where our items are coming from, who they are made by, and if they have passed inspection. Yes, this is expensive, and should put enough of a burden on these imported goods, that US manufacturers can be more competitive with China. Let the American people decide where they purchase their items from, and at a competitive cost to US based manufacturing, where there are some standards for how people and the environment are treated.

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