Wish my desk had this feature

My organization is similar to Al Gore’s in this picture. But, I don’t have (3) 30″ Apple Cinema displays! That is nice! I am a “pile-er” like Al Gore. I have stacks of files on my desk, which I refer to as my more current projects, and can almost always put my finger on what I need. I get into trouble when I try to “organize” things by putting them away in a filing cabinet. Many of my projects are related, so several folders can contain one project, so in the stack they go.

I have, however, recently went “analog” with my agenda, and planner. I picked up a nice Levenger Circa zipped folio, and it has changed my life. I used to use my Treo 650, but now rely on good ole pencil, and paper to keep my agenda, and notes. I also carry a Levenger “Pocket Briefcase” with me, which allows me to keep track of things, when I don’t have my planner with me, or don’t feel like lugging it around. I can also quickly jot down ideas, or copy something down I hear off of Air America radio, that I want to check out.

I really would like to have (3) Apple Cinema displays on my desk. I have two monitors (if you count my laptop), and it does make you more productive. I wonder what 3 would do for me. He must have a smokin fast MacPro, with maxed out RAM, and the fastest video card available. That machine would rip and transcode like nothing else.

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